Lord Mukpo on 04/04/2016



Lord Mukpo on 04/04/2016

I'm anything but a night person, but unusually I couldn't fall asleep last night. At 10:00 I got out of bed, made a piece of toast and watched more of a movie I'd started. I crossed the threshold of midnight awake, and entered the liminal space of Parinirvana day and my 62nd birthday on the very second they both began. For almost 20 years my birthday was obliterated by Lord Mukpo's passage but gradually they came to coexist, as they are today. For me there is a strong third element. On my fourteenth birthday my mother - who along with my father and I were strong supporters of the civil rights movement - woke me and said two sentences: Happy Birthday, Bill. I have to tell you Dr. Martin Luther King was just assassinated. And so I have an earlier grief in my system, one that happend 19 years before April 4, 1987. As for Lord Mukpo, like the joyful mind/genuine mind of sadness he so often taught us, he is a loss and joy, an absence and a presence, sometimes still a fright. He's gone but strangely not gone. In fact, some years he's gone and some years he's back, some days he's gone and some days he's back. Some hours he is gone, but every minute he is back.

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